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New Construction & Additions

As you already know, the options when designing a new home or an addition for your client seem endless. Here we suggest that you consider an Upgrade in insulation that will out perform conventional fiber glass and cellulous and give more benefits than other foam insulations.
  • Insulate and air seal with one product.
  • Reduce thermal jump on structural members.
  • Lower demand for mechanical equipment.
  • Add acoustical aesthetics with higher sound adsorption and lower sound transmission than fiber glass, cellulous and even other foam insulations.
The benefits of SEALECTION Agribalance and  SEALECTION™ 500 are not seen, save only in lower utility bills. However, the benefits of SEALECTION™ foam insulations will add to the value of the structure behind the scenes.  Check out the Upgrade that will always be in style.

Restoration projects where walls and ceilings are not stripped to the framing can benefit from SEALECTION™ 500 pip in an injection application. Only open cell foam can be injected into empty wall cavities with holes as small as 5/8th inch.

For special conditions and applications specify HEAT LOK® SOY. This premium closed cell polyurethane foam insulation truly becomes an integral part of the structure. It is excellent on the exterior of buildings to seal and insulate behind brick or stone veneer.
    ◦ Rigid polyurethane foam that adds structural stiffening and component adhesion.
    ◦ Provides the highest R-value available today, R-7 per inch.
    ◦ Excellent in locations in close proximity to moist and wet conditions.
    ◦ Does not contribute to mold growth, it will not wick or hold water.
    ◦ Contributes to the control of dust and allergens.
    ◦ Provides no sustenance for insects, rodents or mold.

Household Resource provides insulation for special features:        

               Special features insulated    Difficult becomes easy for foam insulation.
For the last several years, SEALECTION® 500 has been the premier non-toxic spray foam insulation on the market.  Added in 2008 were SEALECTION Agribalance® and HEATLOK SOY®, green spray foam insulations based in sustainable, renewable natural resources. 

These LEED® certified spray foam insulation products can easily insulate and air seal complicated framing details, allowing you to concentrate on the many design intricacies that make a building beautiful and functional.  These insulations are safe for chemically-sensitive persons and can be used for residential, commercial and industrial projects in all types of construction (wood, masonry and steel).  Because they completely air-seal the building envelope, moisture problems are eliminated, and energy efficiency and air quality are improved.

Our service area is Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Northern Maryland