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New Construction.
Most home owner have wish lists longer than they can finance. It is usually easier to help them make their choices with upgrades they can see or touch. Here is an idea for an upgrade that they will never see, touch or hear but come to love more and more as energy prices keep increasing. As a matter of fact, with
SEALECTION Agribalance  there are many things they will not hear in their new home, which has the best acoustical attributes of any insulation on the market today. Consider adding to your reputation by offering the best insulation available from Household RESOURCE. Check out the Upgrade that will always be in style.

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Additions insulated by Household RESOURCE with our advanced insulation products will have many benefits. In most cases there will be no need to increase the size of your heating and air conditioning equipment. Add high insulation efficiency, air seal and acoustical improvements when you add
SEALECTION Agribalance as an integral part of the structure that will make sense for years to come, offer the Upgrade that will always be in style.

Renovations, Upgrading Insulation is the answer to higher and higher utility bills. Insulation did not become an option for most homes being built until the 1950s. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation were big improvements at the time. They are still popular today because of their low material cost. However, with rising energy cost it is not economical to add more ineffective fiber glass or cellulose insulation. Your customer just can't turn up the thermostat to compensate for drafty and poorly insulated homes. Modern technology can work for you and upgrade the efficiency of your customer's home to the standards necessary today. Household RESOURCE is experienced in the art and science of upgrading the many older homes that comprise our communities. Of the many things you can do for your customer's home have them consider a practical Upgrade that will always be in style.

In most cases we recommend SEALECTION Agribalance
for spray applied application above grade for walls, ceilings and the underside of roof decks and floors in crawl spaces. In applications below grade to foundation walls, to grade level below crawl spaces and around sleepers we recommend HEAT LOKŪ SOY. HEAT LOKŪ SOY is also used on exterior walls where a veneer brick or stone is added with brick ties and in places where the thickness dictates the use of its high R-value to achieve the desired R-rating and in locations of high moisture or humidity. SEALECTION 500 PIP is utilited in restoration and renovations in existing emity wall and ceiling cavities where we can inject this foam insulation with holes as small as 5/8 of an inch.
Modern insulation for older grand homes

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Our service area is Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Northern Maryland