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uses Honeywell's Enovate 3000 as the blowing agent. Enovate 3000 is a non-flammable, non ozone depleting blowing agent.

Featured Benefits of   HEAT LOKŪ SOY

3-in1 Barrier System
offers the three essential elements for the building envelope in a single step. Therefore, it serves as the insulation, air barrier, and moisture barrier in one application.

"The high R-value, low air permeability, and low moisture transmission features of HEAT LOKŪ SOY ensures the building performance." 

More Energy Efficient
Exceptional air sealing and high R-value results in substantial heating and cooling cost savings. Drafts are virtually eliminated and a more constant indoor temperature is maintained.

Improved Indoor Air Quality
helps prevent uncontrolled outdoor air infiltration and the penetration of dust, pollen and other allergens.

Low Moisture Transmission
offers superior performance in resisting moisture transmission and condensation.

Proper Sizing of the HVAC
Tightening of the building envelope reduces the amount of uncontrolled air entering or leaving the building. This enables the mechanical engineers to properly size the HVAC which is generally smaller by twenty percent or more.


can be used in a wide range of applications in the commercial, industrial and residential construction including wood and metal wall framing, ceilings, floors, roofs, attics, crawl spaces, basements and foundations.

                       closed cell urethane spray foam over deteriorated log cabin, Berks County PA          saving a historic log cabin structure in Berks County PA with polyurethane spray foam insulation
Berks County Pennsylvania Log Cabin Restoration
Metal garage (above) .

Exterior duct enclosure
Return air duct encased in closed cell polyurethane foam insulation, exterior application for stucco finish. (above and below)
Exterior duct enclosure

 closed cell on block structure
Closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation on block wall with staggered furring nailers for Sheetrock.