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Household RESOURCE provides the most scientifically advanced insulation to prepare today’s homes and other buildings for the twenty first century. Energy and health issues can be mitigated with the use of these advanced products in the construction of new and improvement of existing buildings.

Foam insulation is the best insulation available today to combat the high cost of energy for heating and cooling. However, not all foam insulations are the same. At  Household RESOURCE  we have the right foam for the each job, be it open cell or closed cell foam. Each application has a hierarchy of considerations and we provide the right product and application method to give our customers the insulation solution that provides the best performance and value that can be achieved.

SEALECTION Agribalance is the premium open cell polyurethane foam insulation on the market today. It combines the healthy and environmentally friendly benefits of:
  • Water blown semi-rigid polyurethane insulation and air seal
  • Renewable 20% vegetable oil resin content
  • Produces an undiminished R-4.45 per inch
  • Provides quieter homes by absorbing sound vibrations, reducing sound transmission and stopping airborne sound leakage. Effective against intra-structural and external noises
  • Contributes to the control of dust and allergens
  • Provides no sustenance for insects, rodents or mold
  • read more about SEALECTION Agribalance

SEALECTION 500 has been the standard of open cell polyurethane foam insulation that is a favorite on This Old House on PBS TV:
  • Water blown semi-rigid polyurethane insulation and air seal
  • Produces an undiminished R value of 3.8 per inch by protecting against air infiltration that drastically reduces the effectiveness of fiberglass and cellulose insulation
  • The Pour-In-Place formulation can be injected into empty wall and ceiling cavities with as little as 5/8" holes
  • Read more about SEALECTION 500
                        Berks county Historic farmhouse with spray foam insulation

For special conditions and applications
  • Rigid polyurethane foam that adds structural stiffening and component adhesion 
  • Provides the highest R-value available today, R-7 per inch
  • Excellent for locations in close proximity to moist and wet conditions
  • read more about HEAT LOKŪ SOY
Our factory trained and certified staff has years of experience solving building maintenance and improvement problems. These products will make your home,  work place or other buildings more comfortable and energy efficient. We can improve the utility value and consequently the financial value of your home or other buildings. SEALECTION Agribalance, SEALECTION 500 and HEAT LOKŪ SOY are durable building components improving the utility of buildings for the life of the structure.

  New construction with urethane foam insulation Cecil county Maryland

Welcome, browse the site and learn what you can about polyurethane foam insulation. There are many seemingly conflicting claims about insulation and particularly foam insulation. Should you not find what you are looking for e-mail me at and I will do my best to help you with an honest and factual answer.

Our service area is Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Northern Maryland.