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At  Household RESOURCE we are dedicated to providing the best products and workmanship to provide our customers solutions for energy efficiency in their homes and other buildings. With over 40 years of experience in the building industry our customers know they can draw on that experience to create solutions to respond to higher demands for integrating new technology with reliable building traditions. We recognize the utility value, the aesthetic value and financial value of today's homes and other buildings. Helping each customer reach their goal is our goal. 

Located in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania we service Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Northern Maryland. 

In 2002 we found that this region was not being serviced with the best of the Polyurethane Spray Foam (PSF) insulation products. We introduced the superior performance of Demilec (USA)’s products that are driven by the synergy of innovative minds, premium quality components, and pioneering chemistry of spray foam technology. Knowing that all PSF's are not the same and that each potential application has its own particular requirements, choices of products and mastery of application techniques was the answer for the changing building process to meet the reality of our changing energy sources and costs.

It will be our pleasure serving your insulation needs.

 Sealection 500 for acoustic properties

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