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SEALECTION Agribalance is the next generation in the SEALECTION family of Demilec open cell polyurethane water blown foam insulations. SEALECTION 500 has been a favorite of This Old House on Public Television.

SEALECTION Agribalance™  is healthy and environmentally friendly;
    ◦ Water blown semi-rigid polyurethane foam insulation which insulates and air-seals as an integral and permanent building component.
    ◦ Renewable 20% vegetable oil content
    ◦ Produces an undiminished R value of 4.45 per inch by protecting against air infiltration that drastically reduces the effectiveness of fiberglass and cellulose insulation.
    ◦ Does not contribute to mold growth, it will not wick or hold water, it breaths out moisture providing full insulation value.
    ◦ Sound dampens by absorbing sound vibrations, reducing sound transmission and stopping airborne sound leakage. Effective against intra-structural and external noises.
    ◦ Contributes to the control of dust and allergens.
    ◦ Provides no sustenance for insects, rodents or mold.
    ◦ Code approved for applications up to ten (10") inches in open attic assemblies and crawl spaces without covering (which all other foam insulations require)

Specify SEALECTION Agribalance insulation from Household Resource, contact us for more details. Our insulation will make the home you design more comfortable and energy efficient. It is the Upgrade that will never go out of style.

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